Bellafill Dermal Facial Filler

Bellafill is a FDA-approved collagen-based dermal filler that’s injected into the face to smooth out deep smile lines or indented acne scarring. Bellafill creates a smoother skin surface by stimulating a boost in your own natural collagen production. This creates plumping effects that can last five years or more. Bellafill is injected under the dermis to counteract one of the hallmarks of aging: volume loss. The FDA initially approved it for the correction of nasolabial folds and later for treating moderate to severe atrophic acne scars, also known as indented or distensible facial acne scars. Bellafill is very popular with patients who have significant acne scars. I treat many patients with atrophic scars, who need to have the lost collagen replaced. Collagen-based Bellafill filler offers a longer-lasting correction for these depressions than traditional hyaluronic acid dermal fillers.

Smile Lines
Acne Scars
Smooth Deep Smile Lines, Repair Acne Scars + Boost Anti-Aging Collagen

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